Betty Audio Guestbook ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

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Meet our girl Betty.

This pretty lady will undoubtedly bring a touch of old-school charm to any event. Betty is a classic phone with a curly cloth cord that oozes class and sophistication. She knows how to get your guests to open up, and will quickly have everyone sharing their wildest tales. 

Our all-inclusive hire fee includes your audio guestbook phone, return shipping, processing and delivery of voice messages on a keepsake USB, custom signage and greeting suggestions. No surprise costs here!

Why use an Audio Guestbook?

Create lasting memories. Our audio guestbooks create a precious time capsule that You can enjoy long after the event - even when you’re an old married couple! Make it a tradition to listen back on your wedding anniversary, share them with your kids, and let the memories come flooding back to you.

Keep guests entertained. Our audio guestbooks are loved by guests as much as they’re loved by you, providing hours of fun at your event! The ultimate conversation starter, our retro phones will spread joy, laughter and good vibes all night.

Preserve the voices of your loved ones. Keep the memories of your loved ones alive through their voices, even when they’re no longer with you. Memories are powerful, and nothing compares to a heartfelt message from someone you love.

Everyone can contribute. Not everyone feels confident giving a speech at the front of the room. Our audio guestbooks provide the perfect opportunity for crowd-shy guests to share a special moment with you and tell you exactly how loved you are.

Enhance your wedding video. Send your audio files to your videographer and watch them make magic with your messages!