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At the time of booking $150.00 deposit is required. The remaining balance is due six weeks prior to the big event. We understand that this will be a busy time for you so we'll send you a friendly reminder to let you know its due

Two weeks after we receive the phone, you will receive a special delivery. 

A personalised package featuring all of your voice messages on USB will be sent to you. Messages can also be sent via email link.

It's simple! Before your big day, you record your greeting. At the event guests pick up the phone, listen to your greeting, hear a beep, leave their message and hang up once they are finished. Once the phone has been hung up the message will be saved to our message box. 

Your phone will be delivered with easy to follow instructions. Its so simple that your nana could do it!  If you need some inspiration, we have a collection of greetings we can send you. 

No, landline and wifi is not required. The only thing the phone needs to work is power.

Most hosts place a sign near to the phone to explain to guests what to do. We have many editable signs we can share with you.

Yes, delivery is included! We will also provide you with a return shipping label. 

Your phone will arrive at least 2 days before your event. We ask that you send the phone back no more than 2 days after your event.

Send us the details, including where, when and for how long and we we'll see what we can do for you. 

Get in touch with us and we will sort something out for you!

1.  All hire items as detailed in hirer’s invoice remain the property of The Message Co. Ltd (ACN 18164530670).


2.  The Hirer accepts all responsibility for the safety and condition of hire items from the time they are delivered by The Message Co/collected by the Hirer from the The Message Co warehouse until they are collected by The Message Co/returned by the Hirer to the The Message Co warehouse and sighted by a representative of The Message Co.


4.  All costs relating to damage, theft or loss of hired goods will be borne by the Hirer.


5.  Failure to return goods at the agreed time and date will result in hire price being recharged.


6. The hirer agrees to provide a valid credit card to The Message Co to remain on file until the hired goods have been returned on time and in original condition. 

A. If goods are not returned a fee of $1500.00 will be charged.

B. If good are not returned in original condition, damage will be assessed, and damage fee will be advised and charged to the credit card on file.